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Also on the back of the unit you have coaxial audio, usb A and B connectors, 12v power.On the side of the unit you also have a USB connector for usb memory sticks or usb hard drives and a SD slot that will accept SD, SDHC & MMC.Once you select your device from this menu you either see the partitions you have on your hard, once you select your partition you then have a standard folder list.

updating the barracuda firmware-59

updating the barracuda firmware-67

This unit was for my parents and they can work it perfect and this was to replace the ageing original xbox they had, that had been modified with the XBMC (xbox media centre) for playing their video files, but they now wanted HD content so this unit is perfect.

Just a quick review and first impressions of the Sumvision Cyclone Primus HDMI MKV media player / HDD enclosure.

This is the latest version of a media player hard drive enclosure from Sumvision. It will take any SATA hard drive upto approx 2TB, and will play literally all media formats out at the moment.

You then attach the bottom of the enclosure by slotting back in and inserting for screws under the feet.

The bottom of the unit can be a bit fiddly to attach.

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